À la Carte menu




Võru „Forte Special” cheese crème brûlée
served with vegetables baked on
fallen leaves and tomato-butter sauce
  10 EUR

Herring and onion
herring roe and fillet, colourful onions, egg yolk puree
and coloured sour cream with leek ashes
served with mustard-honey sauce 

Duck liver cooked at low temperature
and served with brioche breadcrumbs accompanied by Chinese apples,
cinnamon tea meringue and red wine sauce 
16 EUR

Striploin of Estonian lamb
served with butternut squash cream, black garlic puree, tomato sponge,
malt bread crisps, juniper berry crumbs and cumin sauce
14 EUR

Oxtail ball with foie gras
served with oven baked celery root, Savoy cabbage,
mushrooms cowberry gel and plum sauce
14 EUR




From sea and farm
plate of smoked oyster, pig tail, duck from Viljandi County
served with wheat groats, carrot jam, milk waffle and
oven baked potato bouillon
  12 EUR


Main Courses


Potato risotto
served with egg cooked at 63 °C, truffle cheese, asparagus,
carrot shavings and micro herbs
20 EUR

Poached European plaice
served with Jerusalem artichoke, colourful vegetable balls,
“Pernod” gel and green apple-celery sauce 
24 EUR

Viljandi County duck fillet with duck leg terrine
on violet potato carpet served
with cubes of date and turnip, quince gel and pomegranate sauce
26 EUR

Estonian beef fillet cooked at low temperature
with root parsley puree, potato popcorn,
mushrooms, lentils, quinoa and bacon gel
26 EUR




Warm chocolate cake
with vanilla jelly, basil and strawberry puree,
chocolate crumbs and cherry sorbet

 Friends in the forest with „Vana Tallinn“ liqueur
served with oak bark cream, reindeer moss, nut crumble,
blueberry sorbet and crushed Vana Tallinn liqueur
12 EUR

Apple and caramel
caramel custard cake with walnut jam, poached apples
and apple ice-cream
10 EUR

Selection of Estonian farm cheeses
served with „Mustjala” mustards and chutneys
12 EUR


You can buy freshly baked wheat and rye bread made according
to a recipe dating back more than a century.


Chef de Cuisine Marko Lumera